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iv3d-mobile-appThe release of ImageVis3D Mobile for the iPhone has received wide coverage.
In addition to a news story on KSL channel 5, it has generated a number of print articles such as:

The Daily Utah Chronicle:
"U researchers develop iPhone applications"
tom-fogalSee full story on ScienceBlogs.
iv3dThe ImageVis3D team is proud to announce the release of ImageVis3D 1.0!

ImageVis3D is a desktop volume rendering application which was designed to visualize large data. Support is available for multiple rendering modes, such as 1D and 2D transfer functions, isosurface rendering, as well as specialized modes such as MIP and slice views. On modern systems, ImageVis3D's GPU-accelerated rendering delivers incredible performance, while compatibility options exist to allow ImageVis3D to perform adequately on older systems.

ImageVis3D 1.0 supports Intel Macs 10.4 and up (10.5.7 highly recommended), Windows, and Linux. Download now.

iv3d-mobileImageVis3D Mobile for the iPhone is now available from Apple iTunes App store.
shapeworksThe ShapeWorks software is an open-source distribution of a new method for constructing compact statistical point-based models of ensembles of similar shapes that does not rely on any specific surface parameterization. The method requires very little preprocessing or parameter tuning, and is applicable to a wide range of shape analysis problems, including nonmanifold surfaces and objects of arbitrary topology. The proposed correspondence point optimization uses an entropy-based minimization that balances the simplicity of the model (compactness) with the accuracy of the surface representations. The ShapeWorks software includes tools for preprocessing data, computing point-based shape models, and visualizing the results. Download ShapeWorks.